Lauren Utter


New Jersey native Lauren Utter found her escape from the banality of suburban life through the subculture of punk rock. Though she briefly attended the School of Visual Arts, Lauren's work is more influenced by her adventures panhandling in New York's Lower East Side, hopping freight trains, and generally experiencing life in the gutter. Finding herself moved by the people and experiences encountered on the fringes of society, she seeks to share these stories through her work.

This path has led to a life that is, at times, crazy and unpredictable. Lauren uses her art as a way to document this life by capturing transient moments on paper. She finds inspiration in things that show their wear and experience, but aren't ready (or are too stubborn) to crumble. Lauren often uses paper which is, like the subjects of her works, too often seen as expendable and subsequently discarded. In both medium and subject matter, Lauren seeks to reveal that the frequently overlooked or dismissed are actually beautiful and extraordinary.

Laurens fluid, natural drawing style lends itself to her subject matter. A blatant disregard for sugar-coating, flattery, or being consumed by technical perfection is replaced by a respect for her subjects as she finds them. She relentlessly strives to render them with a balance of rawness and reverence."